Sentiment Analyzer

The easiest way to analyze customer sentiment in Google Sheets. Get actionable insights.

Sentiment Analyzer is a Google Sheets Add-on, which provides instant insight on your collected text data.

Get actionable analysis on

  • Customer feedback
  • Support requests
  • Chat messages
  • Social media posts


  • Reliable AI powered sentiment analysis
  • Instantly classify text as positive, negative or neutral
  • Get insight on reasons behind the customer feedback
  • Super easy to use – no API keys needed

Sentiment analysis in Google Sheets

  • Find customers’ pain points
  • Get valuable insight to develop your business
  • Easy-to-use visual user interface (no-code)

Try it out today!

Get Started

  1. Install from the Google Workspace Marketplace
  2. In Google Sheets click Extensions → Sentiment Analysis → Open tool…
  3. Select your preferred columns on the sidebar
  4. Finally click Analyze and let the AI analyzer do the hard work for you

Enjoy your freshly analyzed details right in Google Sheets!


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